Portrait: Carine C. LutzArtistic and archival quality is the foundation for all that I create. My goal is to provide works that not only please from a traditional and personal view but also from an artistic view, giving you a treasured memory you can pass on to your next generation.

My shooting style is spontaneous with a little of “being in the moment.” This allows me to tune into the unique personality of each family I photograph, whether they be fast and fun or quiet and reserved. I also find that this positive energy brings out the fun reactions people enjoy seeing over the years.

I began taking pictures around 9 years old with my first camera, a Kodak instamatic with that groovy flip flash. Capturing moments in time found its way into my heart and I was hooked. In Fifth grade I discovered a book about Margaret Bourke-White. Although her works are impressive, it was reading about her shooting style and determination that gave me the desire to do the same and I knew this is what I wanted to do.

In High School I found people willing to teach me the craft of film and darkroom. In College I pursued an interdisciplinary degree where students could write their own Major. I received a Bachelor in Photography with concentrations in Child Development at Eastern Michigan University in conjunction with Washtenaw Community College. During this time I learned the proper techniques to capture what I saw, but also how to create what I wanted to see and learned the art of trusting my instincts to shoot and print “by feel.”

Having started out with Traditional methods it is easy to see that is why I remain in them. Some of that reasoning is true, yet it is because I also use Digital I find my first love that much more appealing, it keeps me centered in the roots of photography. I believe Digital has a well deserved place in the world, yet I also believe Traditional has that same well deserved place. The luminosity of a silver based medium cannot be compared, Traditional and Digital stands each on their own merit and can often times assist one another.

Although I occasionally shoot color, my heart is with Black and White and I will frequently have my camera loaded with BW Infrared film. BW lends itself to the simple and classic quality I look for when creating a work. It strips the world down to hues and shades, enhancing the drama of light – which is the lifeblood to all photography.

My darkroom methods have been described by my husband as being like a mad scientist. I’m always working with my curiosity and how to get the best of an image onto beautiful warm toned print papers. Next to shooting, creating under the amber lights (they are no longer red) is where my passion finds a home.

God has blessed me with the desire to continue doing what I love to do and I look forward to passing this onto you by providing a work that captures your own artistic memory.